Hitech Illumination Scope Mount 1 Inch

Hitech Illumination Scope Mount 1 Inch

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Nitecore's Hitech Illumination Barrel Mount 1 inch is the perfect scope mount for your flashlight on your firearm. It is made from toughened plastic material and serves as support for your flashlight on your gun scope.

    It is designed to be durable and reliable when in use for long durations without any risk of damage. This particular Scope Mount measures 1 inch and has the following features below:

  • 1 inch scope mount
  • Compact and portable design for easy carry
  • Efficient design to maximize ease of use
  • Tough, durable design to withstand rigorous use
  • Designed to be weather proof
  • Affordable and available in weapon stores

The Illumination Scope Mount is one accessory you should have as it improves your flashlight usage in poor light conditions when hunting or shooting.

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