Lite+Tek Lantorch Mini

    Lite+Tek Lantorch Mini

  • 165 lumens

  • Usable as a torch or lantern

  • Compact and lightweight

  • Suitable for camping and outdoor activities

  • IPX-6 Water resistant

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The Nitecore Lite + Tech Mini Lantorch is designed to be dual-functional. This means it can serve as a torchlight and as a lantern depending on your need at that moment.

It is highly efficient in light illumination and is capable of delivering about 165 lumens of brightness. It has two parts that aid its dual function - the torch and the diffuser.

While using the diffuser component, the NitecoreLite + Tek Lantorch Mini can beam light in a radius of 15m, making it perfect for camping and other outdoor activities that require lighting.

    What's more? The Nitecore Lite + Lantorch Mini has the following unique features:

  • Capable of delivering up to 10 hours of bright illumination
  • Can produce up to 165 lumens of light at a given time
  • More than effective for camp lighting and other outdoor activities
  • Partially water resistant with a rating of IPX-6 which means though not completely submersible, it can still be used in a wet weather conditions
  • Has a dual function so it can be used as a torch or as a lantern just for lighting a perimeter
  • Compact and lightweight for ease of use

The Lite + Tek Lantorch Mini is quite affordable and available in stores and outlets. Campers and other outdoor life enthusiasts will find it very valuable to own and carry along on their adventures.

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