Lite+Tek Magnetic Mount Mini

Lite+Tek Magnetic Mount Mini

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Similar to the Nitecore Lite + Tek Magnetic Mount, the Mini version has similar features but is slightly small in size though it commands a higher price point. It works as a supporting device for flashlights and other illumination devices using its magnetic surface.

    The Nitecore Lite + Tek Magnetic Mount Mini has the following features which makes it an efficient standing accessory for lighting devices:

  • High strength magnetic surface for holding your light device in place
  • Lightweight and compact making it easy to move around where needed
  • Comes with the Nitecore standard for quality
  • Low cost pricing and available for purchase online and offline
  • Compatible with different lighting devices
  • Can be used in any weather without reduction in efficiency

The Nitecore Lite + Tek Magnetic Mount Mini presents you with a compact, light and portable mount to improve your lighting use without much difficulty.

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