Nitecore Mug

Nitecore Mug

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Apart from flashlights and other lighting accessories, Nitecore Australia makes branded mugs that serve as promotional items to reward dedicated customers. The Nitecore Mugs are made to have the highest quality possible, using high end materials to ensure resilience and durability when in use.

    The Nitecote Mugs are mainly used for promotions and giveaways but can also be purchased at a very low cost. Below are some special features of the Nitecore Mug:

  • Designed to be aesthetically appealing and distinct from other mugs designs
  • High-grade ceramic ensures the mug doesn't crack or break too easily
  • Available to customers at a very low cost
  • Comes with the Nitecore standard for excellence and quality
  • Durable for continuous use without any serious damages

The Nitecore Mug makes it possible to identify with the Nitecore brand with ease. The mug can be used just like any other mug out there. One key difference that comes with the mug however is the Nitecore mark for top quality and excellence!

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