EH1S Intrinsically Safe Headlamp

EH1S Intrinsically Safe Headlamp

  • Designed for high risk industries

  • Certified as explosion-proof

  • Direct access to high mode

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  • Maximum Brightness of 260 Lumens
  • Maximum Beam Distance of 205m
  • Maximum Runtime of 60 h 0 m / 2.5 days

Long Runtime

The built-in high energy density 18650 battery ensures the EH1 headlamp has ultra-long runtime of 60 hours.

Compact and Lightweight

The EH1S has an extremely compact and lightweight body, and it is able to float on the water surface, making it well suited for off-shore operations.

    Multiple Types of Color Temperatures

  • 3500K Warm White: Penetrates fog, smoke or haze effectively, suitable for public safety and firefighting applications.
  • 5000K Neutral White: Smooth diffused output, ideal for long-period underground operations such as mine exploitation, cave exploration etc.
  • 6500K White: Close to daylight, ensuring the users to identify and recognize the target accurately, suitable for use in gas station, railway station, warehouse, ship operations etc.

Power Indicating Functionality

When power levels are low or under charging conditions, the auxiliary red LEDs will blink quickly to indicated battery power levels or the charging progress at real time.

  • 4 LEDs illuminate: battery power levels are above 90%
  • 3 LEDs illuminate: battery power levels are around 60%
  • 2 LEDs illuminate: battery power levels are around 40%
  • 1 LED illuminate: battery power levels are below 20%

Innovative Smart Charging

The EH1S headlamp is able to charge at a fast charging speed with the USB magnetic charging cable.

Integrated Advanced Temperature Regulation (ATR) Technology

Advanced Temperature Regulation (ATR) technology enables the EH1S headlamp to dynamically adjust its output performance based on the body temperature.

Thermoelectric Separation Technology Optimizes Heat Dissipation

Heat generated from the LED is transferred to the exterior rapidly through two accommodated aluminum substrates, ensuring long period stable performance while extending the LED’s life span.

Current Limiting Circuit

EH1’s current limiting circuit is designed to eliminate sparks effectively, thus ensuring top safety during use and enhancing its explosion-proof capability.

Made From High Strength Polycarbonate Materials

EH1 is made from high strength polycarbonate materials with great resistance to impact and flames.

Max Output (Lumens) 260
Beam Distance (Meters) 205
Max Beam Intensity No
Max Run Time 60 h 0 m / 2.5 d
Reflector SMO
Battery Rechargeable Li-ion
Special Modes Location Beacon, SOS
Beam Color Neutral White, Red, White Light
Length 83 mm / 3.26 in
Head Size -
Weight 151 g / 5.32 oz
Feature Dual - Output,Rechargeable,Red Caution Light
Activity Gear, Search
Dealer No
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