Nitecore F1

F1 FlexBank Outdoor Power

  • Flexible outdoor power source with expandability

  • Lightweight housing designed and strengthened for outdoor activities

  • Up to 90% discharging efficiency

  • Multimeter feature to indicate battery voltage anytime

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    A Finger-Size Package of Vast Functions

  • Charging - Charges almost all types of Li-ion batteries for outdoor gears
  • Power Storage - Receives power from external devices such as a solar panel through Micro-USB port and stores in a battery
  • Power Supply - Charges external devices such as a mobile phone via Micro-USB port with 1A current

Intelligent Current Management

Capable of charging USB device and storing power in the batter simultaneously

When input current is not sufficient, the F1 will prioritize the charging of the external device, and store surplus power in the battery

    Power Management System Optimized for Outdoor Purposes

  • Micro-USB - Adaptable with various input sources such as USB adaptor and solar panel
  • Battery - Capable of storing power in batteries for use of other electric devices
  • USB - Capable of charging or powering USB devices directly

Featherweight Housing with Enhanced Ruggedness

The finger-size F1 is made of high strength, lightweight Polycarbonate material. Its structural engineering is purposely redesigned for extra ruggedness to ensure ultimate safety in your dynamic outdoor expedition.

Gold-Plated Contacts

Gold-plated contacts effectively resist sweat, rain and fog, and protect metal components from oxidation and corrosion in outdoor environment while improving circuit efficiency significantly.

    Intelligent Charging Circuit

  • Automatically identifies battery types, and selects charging current and mode accordingly
  • Charges a Li-ion battery and a USB device intelligently
  • Monitors battery status real-time
  • Reports battery voltage upon battery installation as a smart multimeter
  • Activates 0V batteries

    Monitors Battery Status Real-Time

  • Smart Multimeter: Reports battery voltage with blinks upon battery installation
  • Real-Time Monitoring: In power bank mode, the indicator LEDs displays battery power status in different patterns
  • Charging Tips: The LED indicators blink in different patterns to indicate charging status.

    Triple Protections

  • Prohibits small capacity batteries as output source
  • Terminates output immediately once battery voltage is below 2.8V
  • Blinks to alert the user when battery voltage is below 3.3V
Battery Capacity (mAh) No
Battery Chemistry No
Accessory to Fit Nitecore Flashlight
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