Nitecore Charger F2

Nitecore Charger F2

  • Lightweight and portable power source

  • Two slots power bank suitable for outdoor applications

  • Rapidly charges your device by 2A charging current

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Efficient Charging Power in Size of Two Fingers

Specially designed for outdoor enthusiasts

So compact that the slots are only as small as two fingers.

Independent Batteries Charging

The batteries in two slots are charged independently and free from interference.

Intelligent Power Management System

With regulation control circuit, the F2 automatically selects the best charging mode.

When the power supply (input) is adequate, F2 distributes current to simultaneously charge batteries and the connected external device.

In the case that the power supply (input) can not provide enough power to input to charge all batteries or the connected external device, F2 will divert 500mA of the total power input to charge batteries and all remaining input to charge the external devices.

Features Gold-Plated Contacts

Gold-plated contacts can effectively resist sweat, rain and fog, and protect metal components from oxidization and corrosion in outdoor environment while improving circuit efficiency significantly.

Upgraded USB 3.0 Micro-B Port with Optimized Circuit

With optimal circuit, the contact resistance of the 3.0 Micro-B Port has reduced 30% compared to the general Micro-USB port, comprehensively improves the charging efficiency and supports Micro-USB input.

Real-Time Information of the Charging Status

Upon battery installation, the power indicator will blink in various patterns to report battery voltage, accurate to 0.1V

After voltage report, three or less LED will turn on to display remaining battery power.

Battery Activation

The F2 can activate the depleted Li-ion batteries with protective circuit

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