Nitecore LR30

High CRI Dual Output Lantern

  • High CRI LEDs reveal every details on objects

  • Lightweight and compact

  • Powered by 1x18650 battery for extra-long runtime

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  • Maximum Brightness of 205 Lumens

Extreme Colour Rendering Capability, See Things as they are Intended to be Seen

The LR30 utilises a six high colour rendering LEDs, the light profile resembles the nature of sunlight, effectively reducing eye strain while giving a vibrant view.

Powered by One 18650 Li-ion Battery to Provide Outstanding Runtime

In comparison with other batteries, Li-ion batteries exhibit traits such as higher energy density, better energy storage and longer runtime, eliminating the need to carry back-up batteries and frequent recharges.

Lightweight and Compact

Weighing just 2.18oz, 40% lighter than similar products by comparison.

Two Hundred Five Lumens

The LR30 utilises six high performance LEDs, outputting up to two hundred five lumens

    Red Illumination, Forty Five Lumens, Eight Hours

  • Red light protects night vision and is much less sensitive to human eyes, ideal for wildlife observation, astronomy and night photography.
  • Red light has the longest wavelength among all light sources, unaffected by the Rayleigh Scattering effect, red light penetrates through fogs, making it effective signal light in hazy environments.
  • Red light consumes only a fraction of power by comparison, effectively extending runtime.

Translucent PC Materials Diffuser

Diffuser made from translucent PC materials, giving off a soft and soothing light aura.

Single Button User Interface Allows Easy One Handed Operation

    White Output

  • ON: Hold down the power button for 0.6 second to turn white light on
  • Changing Brightness: With the white light turned on, press the power button to cycle through low-mid-high
  • Red Output

  • ON: Double tap the power button to turn on red light
  • Changing Mode: With the red light turned on, press the power button to cycle through Red flashing-SOS-Red illumination

    Four Brightness Levels

  • 205 Lumen - High
  • 85 Lumen - Mid
  • 12 Lumen - Low
  • 45 Lumen - Red

Portable Multimeter

The LR30 doubles as a portable multi-meter

Upon battery installation or when pressing the power button while the light is turned off, the built-in blue indicator will blink in various patterns to report battery voltage.

Protection from Rainstorm and Water Splash

Waterproof in accordance with IPX6

Max Output (Lumens) 205
Beam Distance (Meters) No
Max Beam Intensity No
Max Run Time -
Reflector -
Battery 1 × 18650, 2 × CR123
Special Modes Slow Flashing, SOS
Beam Color High CRI
Length 92 mm / 3.62 in
Head Size 43.5 mm / 1.71 in
Weight 62 g / 2.19 oz
Feature -
Activity Outdoor Recreation
Dealer No
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