Nitecore MH40GT Car Cable

Nitecore MH40GT Car Cable

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The Nitecore MH40GT car cable is designed to have a high tensile strength capable of carrying heavy weights across a distance. Our cables are made from high-grade cables and tested to the highest industry standards for quality assurance.

    When you use the MH40GT car cable, you are secure in the knowledge that it won't fail you. Below are some of the features from the Nitecore MH40GT car cable:

  • High strength car cables designed to withstand extreme resistance
  • Durable for long, continuous use without wear and tear
  • Cheap and available for purchase easily
  • Comes with the Nitecore standard for quality
  • Can be used in all weather conditions without difficulty

The Nitecore car cable is a must-have when you have adventure waiting for you in the wild.

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