Nitecore SG7 Silicon Grease

Suitable for all flashlights

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The SG7 Silicon grease from Nitecore is made from highly-refined synthetic components. It serves as an important lubricant that reduces friction on the different movable parts of lighting accessories.

The Nitecore SG7 Silicon Grease is made using the highest industry stands to ensure the best quality. It comes in a compact, portable round container where it is safely stored for use when needed.

    Features of the Nitecore SG7 Silicon Grease include:

  • Portable, compact casing for easy carry
  • Made from high quality synthetic components
  • Low cost and very affordable
  • Improves the efficiency of accessories and other equipment
  • Thick, viscous and has consistence for long effectiveness once applied

The Nitecore SG7 is one silicon grease that comes highly recommended for your equipment maintenance needs.

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