Nitecore Bike Light BR35

One Thousand Eight Hundred Lumens Rechargeable Bike Light

  • OLED display

  • Micro-USB rechargeable

  • Built-in 6800mAh Li-ion battery

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  • Maximum Brightness of 1800 Lumens
  • Maximum Beam Distance of 170m
  • Maximum Intensity of 7,750 Candelas

Powerful Output for All Terrain Riding

Utilizes two CREE XM-L2 U2 LEDs to emit a blinding output up to 1800 lumens, beam intensity up to 7750cd and beam distance up to 176 meters.

Innovative Dual Distance Beam

Similar to automobile headlights, the innovative dual distance beam of the BR35 allows for both near and far illumination.

Long-Range Beam:

Crystal Coating Technology combined with “Precision Digital Optics Technology” for far-reaching illumination of 1000 lumens at the highest

Short-Range Beam:

An integrated diffuse reflection board scatters beams of 800 lumens evenly to the ground, and forming a reflection area of five meters in diameter, which effectively illuminates blind spot under foot.

Reflected by the diffuse board, the short-range beam angled down towards the road, thus avoiding dazzling other road users.

Eliminates Lighting Dead Zones to Ensure Safety

BR35 can light up both close-in and long-ange areas

CITY Mode for Urban Riding

The angled down short-range beam is designed for urban riding in the city. Whilst the long-range beam can be turned momentarily to light forward and allows for far visibility.

ROAD Mode Road Riding

Long-range Beam:When riding on unit road, long-range beam can effectively broaden users’ horizon.

Short-range Beam:When confronting the oncoming cars, short-range beam can be angled down and avoid dazzling other road users.

TRAIL Mode for Off-Road Riding

Broad visibility without lighting dead zone, easily cope with the complex environment during off-road riding.

OLED Screen Displays Real-Time Data

Onboard high definition OLED screen displays the current mode, brightness level, remaining runtime and battery power.

Die-Cast Unibody Construction

By injecting molten aluminum under high pressure into mold cavity, the die casting process gives the BR35 supreme structural integrity, making it more compact and rigid.

Excellent Heat Dissipation

Full metal housing combing with the cooling fins to improve its heat dissipation effectively.

Max Output (Lumens) 1800
Beam Distance (Meters) 170
Max Beam Intensity 7750 cd
Max Run Time 17 h 0 m / 0.7 d
Reflector SMO
Battery Rechargeable Li-ion
Special Modes Red & Blue Warning
Beam Color White Light
Length 109.3 mm / 4.3 in
Head Size -
Weight 234.5 g / 8.27 oz
Feature -
Activity Outdoor Recreation
Dealer No
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